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What is We Care?

We Care – Women Wellness Entrepreneurs, is a platform that brings together all women wellness practitioners and experts and help them showcase their expertise to the world.
Our objective is to bring women entrepreneurs from the wellness sector under one umbrella so that they can synergize and create more values for the society and for themselves.

“We Care” – Women Wellness Entrepreneurs working towards Emotional & Economic Empowerment (E3)

“Achieving Emotional Resilience and Economic Empowerment”

Wellness Exclusive is one of the leading online guide, designed for sharing information on the use of Alternative and Complementary therapies. Under the direction of experienced editors and advisors, the portal has a variety of articles uploaded on a regular basis. The portal encourages the alternative therapies in a way that provides for a rational, individualized, and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

• Objective: The objective is to begin with a ‘Women Wellness Entrepreneurs Forum’ to promote holistic well being using Alternative and Complementary therapies.and invite them to extend their expertise.

• Mind Matrix website will gradually create a website on Wellness Lab/Forum which will have various Healers/Trainers on board and we need to show case their talent and awareness about various alternative healing therapies.

Welcome to “We Care”

‘I am proud to be a Wellness Woman Entrepreneur’

W : Wellness Women

E : Entrepreneurs

C: Compassion

A: Actualization

R: Resilience

E: Empowerment

The Wellness Women Entrepreneurs lead with compassion. They aspire to be self actualized, economically independent, emotionally resilient, physically fit and personally empowered to carve a niche for themselves.

Mind Matrix Wellness Studio aspires to provide a common platform for Wellness Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and Nutrition Experts involved in a wide range of alternative therapies & holistic healing arena. We invite you to be a part of our journey where all faith healers unite to serve the masses to achieve Mind – Body – Soul wellness. It’s a place to network, support, grow and enhance your personal empowerment.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create a nurturing, understanding and supportive environment for therapists and wellness professionals to introduce a curated mix of ancient and new-age healing traditions and practices to bring in work life balance.

Our Vision:

To bring together qualified Holistic Practitioners from around the world on a common platform and create an energy umbrella to heal the world to regain balance and align ourselves at the mind, body and soul level.

Our Meetings:

The network meets every Sunday Morning for one and half hours to share experiences, knowledge & promote each other’s expertise.

Healers’s fest

It will be a carnival of healers showcasing ancient and new-age healing techniques.

We will have the member healers showcasing their talents and sharing their expertise in areas like Access Consciousness, Sound Therapy, Pranic healing, Reiki, Ayurveda, Kinesiology, Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, Qi Gong, Spiritual, Esoteric and various other versions of ‘channeled’ energy work.

Join The WE- CARE Foundation (or renew your membership)
Join a community of practitioners/healers dedicated to the Healing and Holistic world of Love and Light combined with a practical commitment to care.

Please contact for more details and to subscribe your membership.

Here’s what you gain when you join us:

• Mutual experience& learning
– The opportunity to be part of a network of like – minded peers and collègues.
• Visibility by listing on our web site
– More business. Our existing Clients too will see your profile
• Promotion for your therapy & workshops
– Advertise to network with members and to the visitors
• Weekly meetings
– Meet colleagues, exchange experiences and ideas
• Learn new therapy skills
– Support and mentoring
• Support & Guidance: Running your own business can be overwhelming and a cumbersome venture. The team is here to help you develop your entrepreneur skills with continuing guidance and support
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