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Deepti Jadhav Shendarkar

Director- MindMatrix Wellness Studio

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Dorthe Gyldenkaerne

CEO & Partner with Makani Academy

Born in Denmark in 1959, Ms Dorthe Gyldenkaerne is the CEO & partner with Makani Academy and has more than 20 years of work experience particularly in teaching, training and coaching.
She has been living on the Faroe Islands, The North Atlantic Ocean for 25 years . She is a certified NLP Master Trainer, Enneagram Trainer, Holistic Coach & Psychotherapist. She offers career growth, business success and leadership training programs designed to help individuals break through to the next level Ms. Dorthe Gyldenkaerne has trained more than thousands people in the same field. She has worked for Makani Academy, NLP Huset, Copenhagen, International Coach and Trainer Association, Visionary International Nepal and many companies as HR Consultant Coach, Therapist and Healer.  

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