Jaya Gophane

Jaya Gophane

Angel Therapist & Life Coach

Has trained more than 15000 people from traditional industry, IT sector, Government offices, banking sector and from educational institutions on peak performance, communication, self image psychology, self esteem, joyful living – stress free working and living on purpose and successful parenting.
She has conducted more than 200 open house workshops in Pune and Mumbai which were based on various therapies for Life Transformation and Soulful living, Spiritual and Energy Healing, Angel Therapy, Success and Manifestation and the Science behind Law of Attraction etc.
She has authored 9 books in Marathi and recently has signed an agreement to write a book with famous American publishing house, which is a division of Hay house.

Community Work : Has taken part in various social activities and supported the cause of many NGOs. Currently working as a trustee of Vansthali Rural Development Centre, Pune, a reputed NGO working for the rural child education in 9 districts of Maharashtra.

Travel : Travelled Europe few times and attended trainings of world known masters like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Doreen virtue, Louis hey, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Stephen covey, Brian Tracy,  Dr. Brian Weiss.. etc.

This learning has not only helped to upgrade the knowledge and skills but also inspired her to  live the life of significance.