Jaswinder Grewal

Jaswinder Grewal

Certified Coaches Alliance certified Personal Success Coach

Jaswinder Grewal, an educationist with an overall experience of more than two decades. As a Certified Coaches Alliance certified Personal Success Coach & Master Spirit Life Coach recognised as ACSTH by the ICF,USA, she has played varied roles in Success coaching, Leadership.
Empowerment and Personal Development space. She is BSc, MA, MPhil in English Literature, MBA by education. Pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice from Career Education Association of Victoria Training, Australia. She is gifted with exceptional coaching abilities and is an expert in empowering people to achieve Personal Success while dealing with common life transitions in different areas of Life, Academics, Career and Relationships across levels including:

  • Young people struggling with the career choices and dealing with transition to the corporate bandwagon.
  • Professionals who need Life skill mastery for personal & professional success.

  • Managers who wish to improve their skills to be better leaders and achieve greater heights and create great teams.
  • Women dealing with transitions- pre/post maternity, image management and seeking Success in both Personal & Professional spheres.
  • Helping parents improvise on their parenting styles and beyond.
  • Helping children deal with low self-esteem, decision making, peer pressure and achieve success in every realm of life.
  • Helping parents and kids with Learning Disability.
  • Helping parents with Special kids to cope up with their challenges.
  • Helping kids & adults with ADHD to empower themselves with skills.

Jaswinder has a rich experience of working with individuals who wish to move forward, take action, achieve goals, re-write their story and experience overall life mastery. She empowers her clients to evaluate their current situation, see new ways of approaching change, identify practical solutions, and uncover tools that help them positively approach change.

She is a highly accomplished individual and her programmes and workshops engage all levels of the individual: body, mind, heart (emotion) and soul (spirit).

Her unique methodologies aim at working with the given issues in a capacity to go deeper into the zone of fundamental change, often generating transformation, growth and personal development.
Her knack of understanding relationships-romantic, marriage, siblings, child-parent or other family relationships and professional; supports people in strengthening their relationships so they feel loved, listened to, and appreciated.

As a Personal Success Coach, Jaswinder’s passion, experience, and strengths meet an aching need in world today. What makes her distinct is her personal power, empathy, creativity along with exceptional communication skills and ability to energize the clients.

She helps motivate individuals towards building a can-do attitude and continues to move towards her ultimate goal of making a difference to the people by supporting them to define their vision and realign their path towards their overall Personal Success in life.

Special achievement:
While Jaswinder has a myriad of success stories. Her endeavours to give back to society include caring for the cancer patients, women issues, orphans and Special children.

Closest to her heart is her commitment and compassion for the special kids. Her innate belief that we need to work on what they “CAN DO” and not what they “CANNOT” helped her really
transform many a lives. Her involving “Parents as “Partners” made parents more confident in handling them and accepting them.

To sensitize the society she composed a song for the special kids . the link to the song ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDzT9yKUtBA

Few of her accomplishments include being honoured with Army Commanders Commendation card for her exemplary devotion to duty as Head of The Asha School, a school for the special kids.

She has also been adjudged the ‘Best Teacher’ by the TERI Group. Her immense contribution to society is evident in her social work towards children and the under privileged. She was awarded Magicka Women Achievers Award 2015.

A link to one of the radio talks : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/internationallifecoachradio/2014/08/05/re-ignite-the-sparkin-your-relationship-hosted-bynamrataa-arora-singh-pcc