Dr. Laj Utreja

Dr. Laj Utreja

GHA Vice-President General Director, National Harmony/Peace Academy (NHPA), USA

Dr. Laj Utreja has served as President/CEO of NAS, a small business offering engineering services, and provided managerial and technical leadership. Created an organization for effective communication and delegation of responsibilities.
Motivated people using simple tools of setting and meeting goals. Facilitated team building and resource development for new technical markets. Directed scientists and engineers involved in cutting edge technologies at Tec-Masters, Inc., Dynacs Engineering and BDM international, Inc. Grounded in the principle that every position offers an opportunity to serve people for the good of people.
Laj Utreja’s professional experience includes hands-on engineer to CEO of a small company related to the U.S. space and defense

programs.Laj has also accumulated training and experience in yogaasana, praanaayaama, dhyaana and ayurvedic healing. He is founder of the Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH) where he teaches Vedic disciplines related to wellness, healing, harmony and peace. He is the author of Who Are We? (2006) and What Is Our origin? (2007). Laj had been active with the Interfaith Mission Service of the Greater Tennessee Valley to promote understanding among different faith, race and cultural groups. Lately, Dr. Laj Utreja has initiated an undertaking, Institute of Global Harmony (IGH) in India.

For more information Contact Dr. Laj Utreja: at the Institute of Spiritual Healing (www.ishdhaam.com

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