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Indra Gurung

Chair & Chief Coach: Visionary International Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Indra Gurung a Visionary leader, compassionate entrepreneur and recognized as one of the most vibrant and powerful motivational & transformational speakers in Asia.
He is known as Transformation life-coach, self-Coaching trainer, transformational speaker, Firewalk Practitioner and ICTA Certified NLP master Trainer. Some of the most important works of his career are his ‘Transformation Leadership Boot Camp’, ‘Hug & Heal’ and ‘Self-Coaching for Personal Breakthrough’; ‘Akasha Healing’ and his innovatively designed Value-Based Lifestyle seminars. He has attained master practitioner status for himself in ‘Firewalking’, “Experiential Team Building” and ‘Akasha Healing’ as well. He is the founder of the’ Visionary International; Hug & Heal; Akasha Healing Studio Asia; official partner of Makani International & ICTA, Europe. He is honored with status of the “Ambassador” of the “Humans of our World” recently.

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