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Meghana Bombrah

NLP | Corporate Training | Whole Brain Development | Life Coaching | DMIT

Areas of expertise
With around 15 years of experience in analysing, teaching and improving verbal and non- verbal communication, Meghana Garge Bombrah is a core team member and trainer at Mind Matrix, as well as Executive Director of WeCare, the newly launched platform for women entrepreneurs in wellness.
Drawing from life and literature, Meghana has helped people from all walks of life for many years now, as a corporate trainer, an NLP master, life coach and author. As the Founder Director of Metaphor Training and Coaching Services, she has worked with professionals, individuals, children and couples, on issues ranging from finding aptitude, SWOT analysis, marital stress, core relationship issues and more, with great sensitivity and attention to detail.
Academically, Meghana is internationally accredited, with DMIT certification from ADRC Malaysia and CELTA English certification from Sheffield University, UK. She has also customized university syllabi and reference books through the Indian Knowledge Corporation, and for the Symbiosis English Language Teaching Institute for both Indian and global students.

Arati Dikey

Arati Dikey has done her graduation in Computer Engineering and has over 20 years of experience in Product development and Project management in several large IT companies. Today she is partner in Jagruti Lifestyle, an e-commerce distribution business spanning across several cities in India.
The idea of developing the potential in self and others has been the constant passion behind all her endeavors. She equips individuals through the practical knowledge and experience gained in her rich career through state of the art techniques.
She is a Dermatoglyphics Consultant and associated with Mind Matrix as a Brand Manager.

Punam Kalra

Psychotherapist (Emotional, Behavioral, physical and health ) and Fitness Expert

Professional Profile 5+ years of experience in listening to distressed callers, developing, promoting and executing mental health and fitness programs with a very strong understanding of stressed behavioral patterns. Healing wide range of life issues with transpersonal regression. Promoting high physical state with strong understanding of yoga asana.

  • PGD - Psychology,(2015) – Pune University
  • B.Ed - Natural Science & English,(1992) - Annamalai University
  • B.Sc - Life Science,(1985) – Garhwal University, Dehradun

Ranjeet Gaikwad Patil

Life Coach & Facilitator

Ranjeet Gaikwad Patil is a Life Coach and has his phenomenal engagement with the paranormal theory of synchronicity, the view that structure of realty includes a principle of casual connection which manifests itself most conspicuously in the form of meaningful coincidences.
He is a walking encyclopedia of NLP techniques and terminology and has been training with clarity and precision. He has extensive and intensive knowledge about “Jeevan Vidya Workshops”: Madhyasth Darshan propounded by Shree A. Nagraj- “An Alternative” of Materialism and Idealism. Ranjeet Gaikwad Patil provides insight into the following NLP Modules:
Meta Model: which is one of the most valuable tools in NLP for understanding people and how they think.

Vivek Mishra Entrepreneur

Actor & Public Speaker

Vivek Mishra is an Enterpreneur, Actor & Public Speaker based in Mumbai and Goa, India. He expertises in Digital Media Consultancy and has been the Media advisor to Union Ministers, MNC & NGO’s.
He is also the founder of Welvart Solutions which provides Branding & Media solutions. He has performed in many award winning short-films, plays that have done well in India and Abroad. Vivek has done his Masters in Management Studies from Mumbai University, is currently pursuing a degree in Law and is also a Gold Medalist of Mumbai University

Dr. Laj Utreja

GHA Vice-President General Director, National Harmony/Peace Academy (NHPA), USA

Dr. Laj Utreja has served as President/CEO of NAS, a small business offering engineering services, and provided managerial and technical leadership. Created an organization for effective communication and delegation of responsibilities.
Motivated people using simple tools of setting and meeting goals. Facilitated team building and resource development for new technical markets. Directed scientists and engineers involved in cutting edge technologies at Tec-Masters, Inc., Dynacs Engineering and BDM international, Inc. Grounded in the principle that every position offers an opportunity to serve people for the good of people.
Laj Utreja’s professional experience includes hands-on engineer to CEO of a small company related to the U.S. space and defense

Manju Agrawal

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Theta Healer

Mrs Manju Agrawal is a seeker at heart. She has always been on a search for answers to the meaning and purpose of life, the oneness of the Inner Self and the Universe, and how the Universe is constantly and mystically responding to our every thought, feeling and belief, thus creating our realities. Some of the therapies that she conducts are :

  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Clearing Fears & Phobias
  • Passive Aggressive Behavioral Therapy
  • Emotional Empowerment Technique
  • Relationship & Karmic Healing
  • Belief Work
  • Grounding & Chakra Balancing
  • Abundance & Manifestation

Poonam Dhandhania

Clinical Sound Therapist & Meditation Facilitator

Poonam has been meditating and combining various techniques of complimentary healing since the year 2005. The various therapies she is an expert in are:

  • Professional Clinical Sound Healing – certified through The International Academy of Sound Healing
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy – certified through California Institute of Hypnosis, USA
  • Counsellor – certified through Oxford College, UK
  • Meditation Facilitator – core team member of Panchgani Writers Retreat
  • Reiki Healer
  • NLP Master- certified with NFNLP- USA
  • Crystal Healer

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